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My hairstyle failed to explain in words... ‘Magic Mirror’ released

작성일 24-02-15

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“Hey~ I like this style.”
“Try letting your bangs fall a little less.”

On the 22nd, a man sitting in front of a virtual beauty table in the lobby of the first floor of the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Businesses in Yeouido, Seoul, looked into the mirror with a colleague and had this conversation with a curious expression. I experienced a service that allows you to virtually change your hairstyle based on your reflection in a ‘smart mirror’ to estimate what you will look like after hairdressing.

MirrorRoid Korea, which created this smart mirror, is participating in the ‘Smart Service Field Experience’ exhibition hosted by the Korea Federation of SMEs and Startups and providing this free experience until the 24th. This is a service that allows customers to sit in front of a smart mirror and have a hairdresser virtually apply hair styles of various shapes and colors directly to a photo of their face, allowing them to choose the treatment method. The company explains that with this augmented reality (AR) service, customers can check their hair style in advance and increase satisfaction by receiving a haircut or perm.

MirrorRoid began targeting the Japanese market in 2016. The belief was that success in the Korean market would be easier if the company gained experience in supplying to large beauty salon chains with headquarters in Ginza, Tokyo.

According to the company, there are currently 250 MirrorRoid smart mirrors installed throughout Japan (800,000 yen each). Lee Jong-ha, business director of MirrorRoid, said, “After installing our product, a beauty salon in Tokyo saw its monthly sales of 10 million yen double,” and added, “We confirmed that customer satisfaction was that high, and we are confident that we will succeed in Korea as well.”

The company is preparing to install 100 smart mirrors in a large beauty salon in Sinsa-dong, Seoul within this year. Director Lee said, “When returning customers stand in front of the mirror, the results of previous treatments are immediately displayed on the mirror, which shortens additional consultation time. Customers who experienced disappointing results after verbally explaining that they wanted the style they wanted should go to a beauty salon that has our products.” “You will find it,” he said.

The domestic selling price of this mirror is about 3.9 million won each. Director Lee said, “Because it is domestically produced, we can save on logistics and customs clearance costs, so we were able to set domestic supply costs lower than those in Japan.”

This mirror also shows various videos to customers undergoing cosmetic procedures. A function will also be added to identify where customers' eyes are focused on the screen (eye tracking) and recommend products that match their interests.

Meanwhile, this exhibition will also feature a ‘smart jewelry’ experience that allows you to virtually try on glasses or accessories using AR technology. When you show your face on the screen of this service created by LoroGem, various glasses and accessories appear.

This is a service that opens a virtual screen that looks like you are wearing it in person when you press it with your hand. When consumers select an item they like, they are connected to the product's website and can purchase it online.

Lorogem explains that the actual purchase rate of users who tried on accessories through AR is 3.65%, which is more than twice the purchase rate in general online markets (1.35%). Additionally, it is said that the time each store or call center spends face-to-face with customers has been reduced by 1/16.

Jeong Wook-jo, head of the Korea Federation of SMEs and Startups Innovation Growth Division, said, “This is an experiential exhibition that shows that domestic small and medium-sized businesses are also changing in line with the times,” and added, “We will continue to promote smart service support projects for small and medium-sized businesses together with the government.”

Reporter Choi Seon-wook isotope@joongang.co.kr


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